Referral Management

Take an Actionable, Data-Driven & Compliant Approach to Referral Management.

Your ability to analyze referral leakage is only as good as your ability to provide actionable and compliant solutions for optimizing the referral management process across your distributed provider network.

Kyruus provides technology-based tools and program-based services to help coordinate the specialist referral process and manage your defined networks in a way that meets your compliance requirements.  Our Patient-Provider Matching platform enables smart triage of patients that result in high-quality referrals and a better patient experience.


  • Point-of-service information tools to ensure that patients are booked with actionable, follow-up care with an appropriate provider
  • Drive higher awareness amongst referring physicians about clinically appropriate specialists at the point of referral
  • Implement data-driven physician and care team selection processes to ensure clinically appropriate care delivery
  • Reduce referral misdirection and appointment lag times through smart, rules-based applications and workflows